Topic: Version 5.2.0 has been released!

The aim with this version has been to modernize the shopping cart and get rid of some old stuff that has tagged along since the earliest days of AShop.

- The popup window where the customer confirms adding an item to the cart has been replaced with an AJAX based add to cart routine that runs an animation to illustrate putting the item in the cart box.

- The old simplified storefront script has been dropped and AShop now only supports the new index.php storefront. To make it easier to adjust the design, the storefront now has a template like the other pages. Editing index.php directly is no longer requried.

- Image zoom and gallery now uses smooth lightbox and slideshow scripts.

- Product attributes are now shown as drop down lists and input fields on the product detail pages and using separate prices will no longer render separate buy buttons.

Plus a lot more.