Topic: Deleting menu items

I am not interested in the affiliates or wholesale feature and want to eliminate them from the menu but I can't figure out where the menu is being configured. Can someone help?


Re: Deleting menu items

It's in the templates or theme. If you aren't using a theme, you will find the files you need to edit in the folder named "templates". Otherwise you will find them in a subfolder of "themes". You need to edit the templates with a test or web page editor to change the menu.

Re: Deleting menu items

In the database there is a table called menuitem. Each table record has language entry of "any". I changed the entry to "fre" for the items I no longer wanted. Since "fre" is not a language in my shop these menu items no longer appear. I can restore them later if necessary by changing them back. Further any new desired menu items can be added to the table. Edit the database with MySql. No code changes necessary.