Topic: Add a new gateway

There is some problems with adding new payment gateway (OKPAY).
I created a new file in 'admin/gateways/'. In admin panel and checkout form all functions works fine.
But... how can I add IPN-handler to the AShop for this gateway?
I can attach my .gw file if needed.

Re: Add a new gateway

Use the order.php script as your IPN handler and code an authenticate function in your gateway module to verify that the IPN call is valid. That function gets executed by order.php when the IPN call is received. How the authenticate function should work differs from each gateway, so you will have to refer to the documentation for OKPAY to figure this out.

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Re: Add a new gateway

Thank you! There were a few problems. For a while could not understand how it is possible to pass a variable "paymentoptionid". It turned out that it can be passed through "$gw_basket".

Could you, as a developer, to make a quality control? You can find archive with this plugin on official OKPAY site: