Topic: How do I use "upsell" feature in ashop?


I noticed there is an "upsell" variable in ashop index.php, but I dont see any options to link products that can be offered as an upsell to another product.

When a customer places one product in their cart or when they get ready to check out, I would like to be able to offer another product at a discount, sort of like a "one time offer" setup. I would like to even be able to offer a "chain" of complementary upsell products (offered one at a time in sequence and customer can decline or accept it offer, like Goddaddy, for example)

I see the "upsell" variable, but I dont see or understand how the upsell procedure is implemented in ashop. The product setup page doesnt provide any upsell options.

Can ashop do what I am trying to do?

If not, is there a way I can I hook into this upsell variable to offer a complementary product at checkout as a one-time-offer?

If not, what would be the easiest way to implement this functionality in ashop?

Looking forward to your expert info.

Thanks again for a astounding software...

Re: How do I use "upsell" feature in ashop?

There is an upsell items option on the Configuration->Shop Parameters page, which can be set to upsell 0-2 items. If you select 1 or 2 here, there should be upwards pointing arrows on each product on the Edit Catalog page, which can be clicked to link products together and make them appear as upsells on checkout.

Re: How do I use "upsell" feature in ashop?


Yes, there is indeed an upsell in the configuration section. For other newbies looking for this, it is under admin --> Configuration --> Shop Parameters.  Then look in the "Catalog Options" section near the bottom where it says, "up sells".

However, I have selected 1 or 2 upsells in the upsells selection box, but nothing happens when I place a product in the cart or try to check out. I am using paypal. It simply takes me to the paypal site to pay. No other products are offered or suggested for purchase???

Shouldnt it suggest other products?

How does the upsell work? Is it supposed to mention another product in a popup window, or take me to the product details page?

Why do you think it's not working for me?

My test catalog currently only has 4 products. Does it require more products created to work?

And how does ashop know which products to suggest? After selecting the upsells option by indicating how many upsell products I want show, I went the products edit page and nothing was shown to link products together as possible upsells for specific products.

Does ashop select random products for as upsell candidates?


Re: How do I use "upsell" feature in ashop?

Note the last part of my previous reply: "there should be upwards pointing arrows on each product on the Edit Catalog page, which can be clicked to link products together and make them appear as upsells on checkout" This is how you define which products are shown as upsells. If you don't define this, no upsells will be shown.

Re: How do I use "upsell" feature in ashop?

Oops...I was expecting this linking INSIDE the product editing page....rather it's outside on the admin products listing. Just noticed it now....thanks for pointing this out again... Very interesting and well done...

I set it up and it showed me an upsell item only ONCE, but then it stopped showing any more upsells on subsequent checkouts of this same item.


Is 2, the maximum number of upsell items that can be setup per product?

Does it show the item once and never again to the same customer upon clicking checkout (through using cookies or session check?) This was my experience. I only ever saw ONE upsell then never again, for ANY product. No matter how many upsells I setup, cancelled, resetup for the same and different products. I never saw another upsell after that first one. Can it be changed to ALWAYS show the upsell items irregardless of whether the customer has seen it before or not?

How does the priority numbering work? Is it the higher number upsell that gets shown?

Can 2 different products be upsells of each other? Those it know if an upsell item is already in the cart not to offer it again?

Thank you.

Ashop is such an amazing and intricate system, it really needs a manual to do it justice.  It does A LOT more than any other shopping cart I have ever seen, and I have seen just about all of them. I wish I saw Ashop sooner

Re: How do I use "upsell" feature in ashop?

It currently only shows upsells once and then not again until the customer clears their cookies or restarts their browser. This will be changed in future versions though, to make it appear again if the customer completes an order and to make the cookie time limited.

You can only show a maximum of 2 upsells during checkout. If there are more than 2 upsells to show, the priority level will determine which ones are shown, with the higher number being prioritized over lower numbers.

Yes, you can connect any product as an upsell of another, even if the reverse connection is already in place. It does check if the product is already in the cart and selects a different product (if there are any) to upsell in that case.