Topic: How to edit template pages without generating error messages?


The modular design of ashop is great. I think I kinda sorta understand how the index.php file parses the template files to look for the modules listed in the format: <!-- module name --> and add them to the storefront.

Entrusting programing newbies to perform this task might be daunting however.

I find that by removing some of these modules I am getting error messages.

For example, when I comment out the modules for <!-- Ashopcategories --> and  <!-- Ashopmanufacturers --> from the catalog.html template file,  and I click on a product category, I get the following error message on the main page:

"To be allowed to buy and use this product you have to accept the license agreement!

Close this window
'); return false; } } /* ]]> */ "

What does this mean, and why this strange message????

Then, when I click on a product page,  I get more error messages.

Is there a streamlined way to remove unneeded modules without tampering with the core scripts which seems to be affecting the programs functionality?

Some shopping cart scripts facilitate this in their admin layout section where the program itself enables or disables module layout blocks on main page through a checkbox, not trusting users to do this manually.

It doesnt look like ashop's admin/configuration/layout page does this. It looks more like a CSS selection/editing system.

Can you briefly describe how to reorder the main page, for example, by altering the catalog.html file without creating errors.

Or, perhaps, all this might be better handled with theming, so the core files are not changed. It seems ashop is equipped to use themes, however there is no theme creation info for ashop, nor an example to work off of.

Can you create a theme example for ashop that, for example, reorders the page, and maybe, leaves out some modules to show how to change the layout in an easier, safer way?

Thank you...

Re: How to edit template pages without generating error messages?

It sounds like you just removed the opening tag for those modules. You need to remove both the opening and closing tags for the modules you want to deactivate. The only way to do this is currently to edit the layout templates. You shouldn't, however, need to change any of the php scripts, just the html templates.

Re: How to edit template pages without generating error messages?

It worked.... thank you! Brilliant system...