Topic: Why doesnt Ashop category links work with Godaddy hosting?


I recently switched hosting to Godaddy and now when I create a new category the link created by Ashop doesnt show the directory the software is installed in. It instead points to the domains root directory.

For instance: if Ashop is installed in instead of showing a category link as:,   it shows as:

The result is that you click on category links you get a "page not found" error.

In other words, it is leaving off the directory in the URL link created completely. This is happening ONLY on Godaddy's hosting. I contacted Godaddy's tech support and they said their servers path variables are working fine. As proof, they gave me the following script to run in my ashop directory: <?php echo getcwd(); ?> which correctly showed the directory name in the path listing.

However, like I said, the script works fine with other web hosts. How can I fix this problem? Thank you...