Topic: Ashop product descriptions

I have been trying to find either the CSS file or PHP file to change the look of "Mall Store Name" or "Item Description" when listing the store catalogue ! But can't find it !

I need to turn off the underlining, change the text side and colour, etc etc !

Re: Ashop product descriptions

You should be able to change it with a CSS code like this:

.ashopproductname i { text-decodation: none; }

If this doesn't work, you may need to add a custom CSS class to the text, for example with a span tag, which can be done in the file includes/ on the line that looks like this:

$productname .= " <i>".THEWORDBY." </i><a href=\"$ownerurl\"?phpMyAdmin=WEetbfqZZEB7QjRVXpanj3%2Cg-sb><i>$ownername</i>";

Re: Ashop product descriptions

Great Thanks.
Worse comes to worse, ill add some html code.