Topic: Members area log in not working

I have set up members subsrciptions with my domain I am using Stripe payment gateways. I have a SSL cert. all payments are working fine and Stripe is procession cards and members details seem to be recorded correctly.

However I set a voucher code for myself and my client so they could create a free log in and that worked fine once. Now neither i can or my client can log using our registered email or the passwords that were created. When I log into the admin window and check the our customer records and change our email, still i cant log in. I am stumped to please help!

Re: Members area log in not working

Access to members' areas is handled through standard Apache .htaccess+.htpasswd protection. The first thing to check is if the .htpasswd file, which contains the actual logins, has really been updated. Use an ftp software like Filezilla to open the directory you have protected and download the .htpasswd file from it (you might need to change the ftp software's configuration to see files that start with a dot). Open it with a text editor such as Windows Notepad and check if the emails you and your client used are present in the file. If they are not, check if the path settings for your membership product are correct in your AShop admin panel and if the permissions on the directory are sufficient to allow AShop to update the file (you probably need 777 permissions).