Topic: Appearance of index.php

Hello, and thank you for this great software! I've tried many shop softwares, and this is the best by a mile. smile

Today my question involves catalog.html, particularly the part which says

<td valign="top" align="center">
              <!-- AShopstart -->
              <!-- AShopend -->

I don't know what to do with that or how to make it go away. It is causing a white space on my index.php page. I have tried to remove it by editing Manage Pages>Welcome Message, but it just won't budge.

I don't understand that "ashopstart" and "ashopend" stuff, and I don't understand "%features%."

Any advice?

Thanks again,

Re: Appearance of index.php

Similarly, I do not understand

                      <td class="ashopboxcontent">
                      <!-- AShopnews -->
                      <!-- /AShopnews -->

Re: Appearance of index.php

Those codes are essential to making the shopping cart work and shouldn't be removed. They are the placeholders that tells the scripts where to put its contents. The white space you are seeing must come from something else. If you have changed your welcome message, it could be that it has something in it that is causing the white space. The files in the "templates" directory are the ones where those placeholder codes originate from. Check the online help for instructions on how to modify those to change the design of your shop.

Re: Appearance of index.php

I found the white space by looking at Source when viewing the Welcome Message in the fckeditor. There was a table in there that I certainly did not put there. I have removed it now.