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Topic: Products not being added to cart.

Since moving two sites to a new VPS server one of them no longer adds product to cart, the only difference between the two sites is, the one which does not add to cart has a .htaccess file re-directing www.site.com to site.com, all preferences are set to www.site.com as well as product urls.

Also when I try to login to admin "public_html" is inserted between "site.com" and "admin/login.php" I should also mention that the ajax animation (box which goes to the in cart display) hangs up during attempts to add to the cart then the page refreshes but no product is added.

I have tried removing the .htaccess file and the www. in the database but to no avail.  I've been struggling with this issue for over 10 days and could really use some input.

Re: Products not being added to cart.

I believe you are the customer I helped to sort this out the other day. In that case, it was a problem with a partially uploaded script to your site. After uploading the full copy, the problem was solved.