Topic: Easy create gateway module?

I like much the simplicity of " AShop V".

He is easy create gateway module?

In Spain, where alive people do not trust the methods of payment like PayPal.

People prefer to use the banks of the Country.

There are paument gateway that the same use all the banks with slight variants.
If he is easy to create it she would try, it with the instructions that give the banks me.

Pardon by as I write, I understand English, but my language is Spanish.

This is an automatic translation.

Re: Easy create gateway module?

You would need experience in PHP coding to make a new gateway module. If you can provide documentation for the payment service you want to use I might be able to help you make one though. Contact me through this page so we can discuss this further:

Re: Easy create gateway module?

but for me i think paypal is worth it... because i have friends who put thousand of dollars in their paypal account and there's nothing happening bad with it...