Topic: Version 5.0.6 released! Merry Christmas everyone!

The new version 5.0.6 is now available on the "Check for updates" page in your admin panels, but currently only if you have previously upgraded to 5.0.5. Patches for older versions will be available soon, but meanwhile you can still get the new version by first upgrading to 5.0.5.

The main changes in this version are:

- Customer login (still no order history though, but it is on the way)
- E-cards and gift cards: sell nice looking graphical gift certificates or set up an e-card service
- Support for the online accounting service inventory and sales are posted to your SAASU account
- Twitter integration: post product updates to your Twitter profile directly from your AShop admin panel.

Plus numerous other tweaks and improvements.

When upgrading to 5.0.6 you might need to modify your index.php storefront page slightly to avoid getting duplicate confirmation messages when a customer adds a product to the cart. Open your index.php in a text editor and delete the code starting with:

<span class="ashopconfirmmessage">

and ending with:


just before this:

// Show subtotal...

Other than that the upgrade should be the same as always: upload the patch and then run update.php in your browser

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Re: Version 5.0.6 released! Merry Christmas everyone!

The Twitter feature no longer available?

Re: Version 5.0.6 released! Merry Christmas everyone!

Yes it is, but it has changed a bit since version 5.0.9 because Twitter changed their requirements. You now just click the Twitter icon on one of your products and login to your Twitter account to activate the integration. You only need to login the first time you use it, after that you can post tweets right away.