Topic: Left Align product name & thumb in catalogue

Hi there is there a way to align product name and thumb to the left in catalogue view?

These are currently centered  while the description price and add to cart are left aligned in the table.


Re: Left Align product name & thumb in catalogue

They are centered only when Items per row is set to higher than 1 and only in normal layout, not condensed. Try switching to condensed layout or set your items per row to 1.

The layout will be tweaked a little in the upcoming version 5.0.7. When you have more than 1 item per row and get to a row with just 1 item, it will be stretched out over the entire product list area, which doesn't look pretty. In the next version the item listings will have a fixed width and there will just be empty slots to the right of any odd items. This should make it look much cleaner even with the name and thumbnail still centered.