Topic: Who could resist making the first footprint in the sand.

By way of an introduction, I have been using AShop since '04
Started with
At that time I had a tough time rapping my head around
unzipping the package, let alone loading it to the host,
and then, Heaven forbid, updating it.

Traumatic times for my mind.
The fellows at Ashop have been very patient with me,
and held my hand, many times.
Other times they took their programing knowledge and
like a machete, cut a path through the jungle for me, as it were,
That I might follow, and find my way.

Today I own 5 sites using AShop,
and have convinced a number of others to use it as well.

Two of mine are listed in my signature,
the one mentioned above, and the sister site
and the other is: Kootenay Horse

I can't say enough good about AShop,
to represent how in awe I am of them.
And I hope I can be of help on this forum . . .

If your host can run this software, Test It First: download
and you are contimplating a shopping cart web site,

My reconmondation is: don't even hesitate.