Topic: Fighting spam on the PunBB AShop forums

I found 2 really good links: … am-system/
This one is sort of beta, but on post #12 it seems to have the newest version made on 2011-04-14

Now this link: … l-checker/

Seems a little confusing at first, but I'm pretty sure it works 100% against spam bots.

Hopefully we can get this painful wait for topic/reply to be approved lifted off the AShop forums.

Good luck installing these, and fighting the botz!

Re: Fighting spam on the PunBB AShop forums

The problem isn't just spam, it's also all the SEO people who seem to think that forums are just their free way of getting backlinks. Enabling the captcha has been effective agains spam bots, but the crappy SEO posts, which are usually long generic articles that these people post on hundreds of sites, are done manually by actual people and the only way to fight these, as far as I can tell, is by using this post approval plugin that I have enabled on this forum.

Re: Fighting spam on the PunBB AShop forums

Why not hurt there sites and report each one and do a whois and bug the crap out of them..with a phone call.

okay okay I know not everyone as evil as me, so your next solution is to use nofollow links for forum post.

this is info on what nofollow is:

Basically you make a meta name= robots  nofollow on the forums headers.
Or you can do it at link level it's: rel=nofollow

Found this link on punbb: … ent-links/

Re: Fighting spam on the PunBB AShop forums

Thanks for the suggestion. That might actually work. With nofollow links, posting here is of no use to these SEO freaks.

Re: Fighting spam on the PunBB AShop forums

No problemo! I also took a look at your memberlist, that should not be available in my opinion.
I would also do a cleanup, or run a cron to remove any users that never logged into their account, or have not EVER posted in 6 months. Do not confuse this with inactive, I only mean that have a 0 post count for the life of the account.
This should clean up the database a tad bit.