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Im purchasing the software afer testing the backend.
however i find that the css layout is very old style. Is it possible to change this? i want to use a web 2.0 template and incorporate it in this template, i have also looked at existing sites using the script and they all look similar in design.

can i make the tables with rounded corners....etc.
Create my own unique web2.0 menu designs?

some input will be appreciated before i purchase the script.


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Since most elements are defined with their own classes, you should be able to do whatever you want with the layout. It's just a matter of tweaking the CSS. All content outside what is generated by AShop itself is of course completely customizable, by modifying the templates and with the modular storefront (index.php), which can be edited, you can rearrange that part even more.

By opening the from your website through a browser, you will get a full list of all the CSS classes. You can either add your own CSS to override just parts of it, or replace the with your own custom CSS file to override everything. The classes have mostly self explanatory names.

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   I Use AShop and highly customized it. You can change pretty much everything in the templates. I'd show you an example but our site is still a work in progress, and I password protect the whole site from viewing.
Today I'm going to figure out how to style the catagory list of the products. I figured out how to move it around and place it where I want.
The Modular storefront is pretty much you make a page and just call the items you need where ever you need them, such as the checkout button you would put some code in "that can be found in the online help" where you want it show up in a div or table or whatever.

Hope that helps. Give me a week or less and you can see my page and how I laid it out.

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Where exactly is

Re: away with old look.

found it in /includes thanks

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Hi greg any chance you would be able to help me with my layout? its all designed and finnished..i just need some help intergrating it with ashop.