Topic: Open source version now available!

Version 5.1.3 has been released. The big news in this version is that it is open source. The core software is provided under the terms of the GPL, which means that it is free in every sense of the word. The Shopping Mall and Sales Office features are not available in the free version though. They are still sold as the product AShop V under a commercial license, but they too are open source, or at least 99% open source. The license check remains IonCube encoded to protect my copyright.

My hopes are that this will make AShop a much more popular choice for running an online business, which in turn will increase the community of users and make it more attractive for designers and developers to provide their own modifications and themes. This will benefit everyone who uses AShop.

An upgrade patch is provided as usual to owners of AShop V, when they click "Check for updates" on the first page of their admin panel. This service will remain part of the paid support plan, just like before, but the annual support plan fee will be increased to $120. I will also remain available for doing paid customization work on AShop as well as other web development work.

A new area for developers will be opened in this forum, where other PHP developers can publish their modifications, bug reports or input on how to tweak the code.