Topic: Extending AShop

To add new functionality to AShop there are a few options available:

1. Include modules. The files in the folder "includes" are designed to be used by other scripts, such as the storefront index.php script. They add functions like: list of product categories, drop down box to select language or currency, search form, shopping cart buttons. By creating your own include modules or customize the existing ones, you can add or modify how the cart works.

2. Fulfilment modules. The files in the folder "admin/fulfilment" can be used to perform actions when a product is bought, for example notify a supplier, activate a membership on an external website or deliver a gift certificate card by email. You can design your own fulfilment modules to, for example, integrate with third party software or services.

3. Payment modules. The files in the folder "admin/gateways" and the similar folders with different currency codes added after "gateways", for example "gatewaysgbp", add support for different payment processors such as PayPal or Authorize.Net. By adding your own payment module you can make AShop support a new payment processor of your choice.

It is of course also possible to modify any of the other scripts to add your own features, though there is no guarantee that your customization will work with future versions of AShop so you may need to keep it updated yourself.

More options for extending the software will most likely be added in future versions.