Topic: Product Image Size

I noticed AShop request the image to be 100x100 for the product image, I found out that 250x250 works best, otherwise the 100x100 will be blown up distorting/reducing the quality of the image. This can be because of the theme, I do not know. I use one of the pre-installed themes that comes with AShop.

Bottom line is The size of the image you upload should match the biggest display container that will be showing the image.
So keep this in mind when you upload an image. You dont want it bigger it will take longer to load the page..blablabla...
You dont want it smaller because the browser will resize it, and mess up the quality and make it all fuzzy.

Re: Product Image Size

The image size is only limited by width. The height is calculated to keep the proportions of the original image. You can set the image size on the page Configuration->Layout