Topic: Have you done something really cool with AShop?

I have found that if I have a product
that I want available to a select few
but not the general public,
all I do is load the product as per normal
but uncheck the active box
in the "Add product to category"

Then I use the product # in a link
available to the chosen few.
Looks like this: / /ashop/catalogue.php?product=444

There might be a better way, but this works for me so far.

Re: Have you done something really cool with AShop?

have not done anything neat as of yet.  I just installed this cart again and am getting ready to dig my feet in.  I visited your sites and of course one of my first questions is how do I change the banners etc to get my own signature up?

Re: Have you done something really cool with AShop?

That was one of the hardest things for me to rap my mind around at the first . . .

I would say build your page as you would like to see it . . .

I then use a table between to contain the AShopV
in that table insert:
  <!-- AShopstart -->
      <!-- AShopend -->
Use that page as your template page
I like all of my pages to look the same, ie
on the index page I insert the same navigation as you find in the Catalogue pages.
How do I do that ???
Once the catalogue page generated by AshopV is up and in my browser,
I highlight that navbar and copy it.
I go to my WYSIWYG page builder
I use MS-Frontpage
and paste it in a table that has 2 cells in a column.
I paste it in the left cell,
and use the right cell to have a page content like contact, Links, More info.
This navbar is not part of the AShop, except it has all of the links to the category pages.
As you add categories to your AShopV
you may wish to redo the navbar, to reflect the new choices.
Next I take the template page that I made
and copy it many times in a folder on my PC,
then rename them:
I then load them to my AShop using ftp
to the ashop/templates folder.
This way when the soft ware needs a page to deliver the product
or display what is in the cart or basket
it will display it raped in your header footer.

I hope I explained it good enough for you to understand and the use it.