Topic: combining cart+product on same page

I am trying to mock signup form.
product page which will have 3 products.

I made a custom customer signup form and ajaxing that page inside of the product page for the free account.

The 2 payed products im having the issue with.

I must add the product, and open the billing form, while collecting the tax information.

I was thinking of first opening the tax form then after that direct them to the billing form.
problem is those are 2 seperate pages and the link between them can not be modified..explaining a little better is is there a way to modify the tax form submission to redirect to a serperate custom billing page of my choosing
otherwise what will happen is user selects product which will open the tax page which will carry over the template of the site, and i need a blank one and a templated one(for other products).
same with the billing page.

I can iframe the tax page below the product when they click it, just need to make it just the tax form and not the nav and other junk that i need for the normal tax form page.

same goes with the billing page.

if you dont understand just look at the page you will get an understanding of what kind of forms i want.

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Re: combining cart+product on same page

I got something like this working some what...
<form action="multiproductbuy.php" method="get"><input type="hidden" name="phpMyAdmin" value="WEetbfqZZEB7QjRVXpanj3%2Cg-sb" />
          <input name="products[]" type="hidden" id="products" value="101">
          <input type="image" name="Submit" value="Add to cart" src="images/pc_platinum.jpg?phpMyAdmin=WEetbfqZZEB7QjRVXpanj3%2Cg-sb">
   <input name="returnurl" type="hidden" id="returnurl" value="orderform.php">
   <input name="action" type="hidden" id="action" value="basket">

with this the product is added to the cart, and the redirect to the billing page..

now to get all this in an iframe and have the header/footer knocked out.. maybe i can iframe it but use static positioning of that frame to show only the form...

also maby add in a option/list dropdown to select different membership options like 1 month 6 month 1 year that will be 3 different products(prices) that way i can use this form in a stand alone page to start the iframe

replace iframe with a div that is being AJAXed in..that div will contain a standalone page.