Topic: Version 5.1.2 is now available!

Some of the highlights in this version are: a completely redesigned admin panel with a new look that is more up to date, auctions will generate invoices when they are won, wholesale cart now has access to basically everything that is available in the retail cart and has an option to define different price levels for different customers.

Update patches are available on the "Check for updates" page in your admin panels. Trial users can download the full installation package for this version from the download area of the website instead.

Re: Version 5.1.2 is now available!

I would like to say . . . and sorry it took so long, but . . .

I really like the look of the new admin area.
I am not one for change, I like things to remain the same . . .
not sure it is because I'm getting older or what but . . . (~:

The new look is AWESOME and works AWESOME Thanks Andreas

for all of you hard work and ingenious design work in AShop.

Re: Version 5.1.2 is now available!

Thanks. Glad you liked it smile

Re: Version 5.1.2 is now available!

There an update to update to the new version from the old version?

Re: Version 5.1.2 is now available!

An update patch for AShop V is available if you click "Check for updates" after logging in to your admin panel. The free GPL version can be updated by uploading the new files, except for the and any templates you may have modified, and then running the included update.php script.