Topic: Inventory with Max Value

I have a suggestion for Product Inventory > Max:

This value should be displayed and defaulted to when a product max value is exceeded. If max is 3 and a customer enters 10, it should automatically state the max is 3 and change the number entered to 3.

This behavior should exist when adding the item to your cart AND when updating qty in the cart.

This will keep customers from having to guess the max allowable and avoid the unhelpful message; "Error You are not allowed to buy this many items of: xxxxxxxx. Try again!"

Re: Inventory with Max Value

In addition to this, it should also take into consideration the total inventory on hand when updating the quantities in the cart.

If Max is set to 3, but there are only 2 in inventory, let the customer know (on the same page) that there are only 2 in inventory and automatically change value to 2.

The whole direct to another page to display a vague "We are sorry but there are not enough..." message is a little outdated.