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Ok here is our shot at a site with Ashop

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nice layout!
Looks great I like the preview button for the music. great job..
pop up pages for add to cart..very nice.
WorldPay and Paypal integration looks setup correctly.
Overall Score from GregTampa is 8 out of 10!

Some improvement suggestions is font size / colors / type needs tweaking. Some area's its very hard to read.
Example: green text goes above the product after you add it to cart. Very tiny and hard to see the dark green.
This is of course my opinions and not worth 2-cents.

The About page has no way getting back to the Home Page. Guessing "HOME PAGE" was replaced with MP3 Tracks.
Kind of Confusing, since some pages have HOME PAGE (All in caps) and some have MP3 Tracks.

Far to many keywords in your meta tag.

Line 393 has a HUGE error with non-utf8 chars. the alt="Skype Me?"  the question mark is a wrong text and should be edited.
Then you can check your site for validation @

I ran your site through IBP (Internet business promoter from Google) assuming "backing tracks" is your top keyword phrase according to your source Meta tags, and here are the results:
Top site your against is
Your site name or sub folders do not have the keyword phrase in it.
Some of the keywords in the meta, are not used on the page.
More inbound links needed to your site.
Consider adding more words that are not keywords to your website.
Alt tags are missing or do not include keywords.
Some have invalid ASCII charters, also around the site same thing example line 393.
Keywords used in Bold body text : Your Contents:  Work   Million Dollar Bill Whitney Houston   (notice the A letter too)
Link texts are words and sentences that are used as links. Same domain link texts are the link texts of the links that point to a web page on the same domain. This chapter examines if  (without Places) takes search terms in same domain link texts into account.

Example: The HTML tag <a href="contact.htm?phpMyAdmin=WEetbfqZZEB7QjRVXpanj3%2Cg-sb">Contact information</a> contains the same domain link text "Contact information".

Link texts are words and sentences that are used as links. Outbound link texts are the texts within the <a>...</a> tags when the <a> tag links to a web page on a different domain. This chapter examines if  (without Places) gives relevance to search terms in outbound link texts.

Example: The HTML tag <a href= "">About the company</a> contains the outbound link text "About the company".

Links connect one web page to another. Outbound links are the links on a web page that point to web pages on other web sites, i.e. links to other domains. This chapter examines if  (without Places) gives relevance to search terms in outbound links

Example: The HTML tag <a href= "">Click here</a> contains the outbound link URL "".

The HTML code validation of your web page failed. This means that might not be able to read your web page. You should fix any HTML errors.

Some search engines penalize web sites if the search terms of the Meta Keywords tag don't appear in the body text of the web page. The search terms "christmas", "classical", "country", "dance", "disco", "disney", "downloading", "duets", "entertainerts", "film", "jazz", "karaoke", "latest charts hits", "medleys", "musical", "r and b", "r n b", "reggae", "rock", "rock and roll", "singers", "soul", "swing", "vocal" and "war songs" of your Meta Keywords tag do not seem to be mentioned in the body text of your web page. You should either remove these search terms from your Meta Keywords tag, or add the search terms to the body text of your web page.

This about sums it up, If you would like a more detailed just let me know..
Hop this helps you get on your way to making lots of $!
Good luck on your new site, best wishes,

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Thank you for your detailed opinion, its good to see some constructive suggestions from someone.
I was not aware you had even replied to this post!
I will look at everyone of the points you have brought up and of course will be changing them.

Thanks again


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No problemo! glad to help.. any questions feel free to ask. I have a personal goal to help make ashop great! I love the support the ashopadmin gives to us, and want to return the favor.

Re: Our Site!

Good to see what can be done.
BTW, I find that I get a not-so-good page if I just go to your domain ( The first item in the top-left .art-block div is called "test" and a few things that you click on give crashes.