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I have just added the offline credit card payment gateway to a couple of my sites and at the bottom of the billing page I see a bunch of raw code beginning with ( value=\"$shop\">"; if ($affiliate) echo ) and ends with (showtemplatefooter("$ashoppath$templatepath/checkout.html"); // Close database... @mysql_close($db); ?> ) I have made no changes to these gws

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Re: Payment Gateways

Fixed it, had to delete the folders from the server and upload a fresh copy. But I am now receiving the following error on orderform.php after the form is submitted

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/myweedse/public_html/admin/gatewayscad/ in /home/myweedse/public_html/orderform.php on line 313

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Re: Payment Gateways

Okay... it's sorted, I had to turn on output buffering in php.ini  however I still get a stray closing php tag at the top of the thankyou page.