Topic: How To Accept Recurring Payments For Membership Products?


First, I want to thank you for this wonderful software. It is simply awesome.

2nd, after setting up a membership type product, I noticed that no options are given to setup the payment on a recurring basis (it seems only a fixed membership payment is available), as is the case with most memberships. Is this the case, or am I missing something?

I looked at the payment section and the product setup section in ashop admin panel, but neither seem to give the option of setting up recurring payments.

How can I facilitate this in ashop?

I am thinking particularly about paypal's recurring payment option. Implementing this would require posting the additional recurring payment variables, as well as receiving and processing IPN variables when the member's paypal account is charged automatically on the prescribed basis by paypal, and then maintaining or disabling the member's login depending on successful payment (also, perhaps, being able to retry several time in case the payment is unsuccessful initial - as allowed by paypal.)

It seems a pity for ashop to have the membership setup capability, but not have the recurring payment facility - perhaps the most important and attractive aspect of online membership business.

It would be great if ashop can receive recurring payments through all payment gateways that allow recurring payments, most especially paypal.

What will it take to do this in ashop?

Thanks again for your wonderful service...

Re: How To Accept Recurring Payments For Membership Products?

You can do recurring payments, but only with a few of the supported payment gateways. PayPal is one of them though. If you have a PayPal payment option, you will be able to set a recurring price for your product on the main product configuration page (click Edit on the product). The other parameters of the recurring payments are defined on your PayPal payment option.

Re: How To Accept Recurring Payments For Membership Products?

Thanks ashopadmin for your quick response!

Yes, indeed you can do recurring payments. However, you must configure a payment gateway that offers recurring payments FIRST. I made a mistake and selected Paypal Express, instead of just "Paypal" as the payment gateway. As a result I didnt get the recurring payment option when I setup a recurring membership as a product. This is a great product...