Topic: How to Convert Ashop Mobile To Responsive Design

Hi Ashopadmin,

I have been having problems getting pages created  with Ashop Admin --> Catalog --> New Content, and Admin --> Catalog --> Manage Pages to appear correctly on mobile devices.

First how do you create mobile versions of these pages? Is there a special name you have to give them???

I notice the complexity of Ashop is increased through use of the second set of scripting intended for mobile devices that require these separate configurations. Wont it be MUCH easier and a lot less complicated to just use a RESPONSIVE jquery layout for Ashop?

These responsive systems (ex. Twitter Bootstrap) have become the defacto standards for mobile display and have taken over the complicated systems that try to detect mobile use and then run a separate set of scripts (such as Ashop) or templates.

For example, I am finding that I have to configure TWO sets of templates for Ashop (and having problems doing so), whereby, if it was designed to be responsive, I only have to do just one and the responsive system handles all display and simply adjusts the layout for whatever size device is viewing the page.

In my humble opinion, this just makes more sense because it would cut the Ashop code in half, drastically reduces the complexity, and the learning curve, as well as probably improve the functionality and speed of the script in whole.

So, here is the question: How can I implement a mobile responsive system with the current Ashop script? Is there a way I can turn off the detection system and simply utilize a Jquery responsive library? Is there an easy way to do this?

Question #2: Can the next version of Ashop be rewritten to use responsiveness instead of mobile detection to address the now critically important mobile display requirements? A vast majority of web users now use mobile devices and proper mobile display has become a critically important part of all web applications.

Thank you.


Re: How to Convert Ashop Mobile To Responsive Design

The mobile layout is a responsive jQuery based layout, so you could accomplish what you want by making your shop always use mobile. Change the detection function ashop_mobile() in admin/ and add a line that sets $device = "mobile" before the section where the templates are selected.