Topic: How can this awesome admin statistics feature be implemented in Ashop?

The admin sales and site statistics displayed by ashop at first logging into the admin panel is ok, but I was blown away when I saw the one implemented by the also open source and free shopping cart axiscommerce. Here is the link to the admin demo login: 

Checkout the amazing statistics info shown. This kind of info gives an at-glance view of the site's sales, visits, and performance all at once. It breaks down all info by the day, week, month, year, and gives sales and page view stats for each product. Awesome!

I have demo'd a lot of shopping carts but this is absolutely the greatest site/sales statistics admin panel I have seen, better even than the one in the $20K Magento Enterprise. I would love to implement this in ashop. I guess this would be nothing more than a bunch of sql queries, and perhaps, some sort of graphing image library. Since this is GPL open source software, is there an easy way to lift the code and add it to ashop so you can see something similar upon logging in to ashop admin?