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I cannot seem to find any instruction on how I accept Stripe even though its offered as an option.

Stripe dont give you a Merchant ID and yet AShop asks for one!

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I have set up a HTTPS version for the site and my have enabled the HTTPS certificate supplied by my host Webfaction. I am still getting some rather strange error messaged whislt trying to use Stripe. The help documentation you supply does not mention Stripe integration at all so was wondering if you could give me some further pointers. The site I am trying to set up stripe with is
and I am trying to set up a membership / subscription to the members pages. I have also sent a help request to you.

All help is much appreciated! :-)

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What are the error messages you are getting when you try to use Stripe? I just tested it with a fake credit card number on your site, which didn't result in any errors, but it could be because I didn't use a real credit card. I did see the word "she" at the top of the page though. Did you make any modifications that could have resulted in this?