Topic: How are affiliates paid in ashop?


How are affiliate paid? I dont see an affiliate payment method (ex. paypal's mass pay). Is it a manual process within ashop or automated?

Also, is it possible to implement paypal's new instant split pay system for affiliate payments?


Such instant payment for affiliates will be huge motivators for affiliate referrals..

Re: How are affiliates paid in ashop?

Affiliates are currently paid through PayPal using a button that initiates the payment for one affiliate at a time, or manually.

Bulk payments are on the todo list for future versions. I'm not too sure about instant split payments for affiliates though. It would be very risky.

If you need any of this added sooner rather than later, I can give it priority if you are willing to pay for the development. Contact me through the contact form on the website to discuss this.

Re: How are affiliates paid in ashop?

Hi Ashopadmin,

Sent you email...Check your website contact email....

Re: How are affiliates paid in ashop?

- How is the payment distributed from the buyer to the seller in Ashop mall portion of the software? Is there a way to split the payment between the seller and the administrator automatically?
- Does Ashop mall support key code delivery from the seller to the buyer?

Re: How are affiliates paid in ashop?

Usually by the admin paying each seller by PayPal or some other method offline, but there is also an option to automatically pay the seller directly when the customer buys their products. It is only supported through PayPal Express Checkout though.

Yes, they can sell key codes if they want to.