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referencing the above manual I followed the instructions.

under configuration-->Fulfilment Options-->S2Member, what exactly goes in the url, the url to the wordpress homepage, or to the signup/registration page?

Does ashop go out and hit that page with some post? If so where is the code located, so i can review it to see exactly whats being done.

I set this up and tried a few different settings, and still have not gotten it to work. It does not create an account on the wordpress site.

Another question is what username will it use on the wordpress site? Will it be the email as the username?

Also there are multiable functions.php files, it says in the theme directory, now where inside that file at the end at the beginning where?

I installed s2member and configured and tested it is working 100%. A-shop is about 80% working which is fine since im setting up custom api's.

Any help offered in getting s2member intergrated with a-shop is greatly appreciated. I also believe s2member has released newer versions then that listed in the A-Shop manual.

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Ok I uninstalled version 3.5.8 of s2member and installed Version 3.2.7, how can I run a test to see if this is working?

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is a post I put on the forums of s2member.

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I am looking into using their new IPN Proxy Key feature instead to integrate with AShop. This should make it much cleaner and easier to use and will hopefully be kept in future versions of s2member as well.

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How can I run a test to see if this is working??


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Create a test payment option that doesn't actually withdraw or transfer any money and make a test purchase. If you used Manual Processing as your payment gateway, you would also need to activate the order to complete the test.