Topic: Inventory changes itself

Does anyone else have a problem with stock levels or inventory making changes to themselves?  Changes that you have NOT made?  We have now experienced this many times...items that we have put offline simply put themselves back online.  Or variants that have sold out (and been de-listed by us) suddenly re-list themselves?

This is a nightmare for us.  Orders arrive (especially after a weekend) for items that were sold out, sometimes years ago.  We then have angry customers and a stack of refunds to do.  Ashop (specifically Andrew) says it is logged as us making the changes but...would we shoot ourselves in the foot like this?  Ashop say they are 'looking into it' but are always blameless. 

This is killing our business...anyone know anything?????????

Re: Inventory changes itself

This is the wrong AShop. You are probably using the Australian AShopCommerce, which stole the name "AShop" for their hosted shopping cart solution years ago. This forum is for a completely different software (the original "AShop") and is not in any way affiliated with them.

You have not been in touch with us at all and there is no one named Andrew working for AShop Software.

Please look up AShopCommerce in Google and contact them instead, or use their forum (if they have one) rather than this one.