Topic: NMI Gateway Services code changes.

First I had to change line 4 of /admin/gateways/ and remove the $ashopurl and replace with http://mywebsite/

Warning: strstr() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/cardgeni/public_html/ashop/admin/gateways/ on line 83

After setting up the merchant into test mode, and ashop to use test mode I get the above error.
I will try in live mode

looking at line 83

            if (strstr(curl_version(), "SSL") || (is_array($curlversion) && (strstr($curlversion["ssl_version"], "SSL") || strstr($curlversion["ssl_version"], "NSS")))) {

Im giving this a shot in the dark since I disabled the SSL from line 4 now this is trying to use SSL? No clue since all the other code is encrypted with ioncube so I can not debug nor see whats going on with these variables.

I'm considering looking for another ecommerce solution.

Is there a way I can contact a developer of ashop to work with him/her to solve all the problems I found?

I'm also very sorry about the multiable topics created on the forums, I can not reply to my orginal topics due to the security implemented in the forum software for topic/reply approval  So I can not track my progress and debugging of ashop features.

Re: NMI Gateway Services code changes.

You need an SSL certificate to use NMI with AShop since it uses AShop's own payment form, which is hosted by you rather than the payment gateway. There is no way around this other than making a new payment module or using a different payment gateway.

I am the developer of AShop and I can help you create a new NMI payment module for their hosted payment form (if they have any). You can contact me directly through this form:

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